Facilitation as TLA

Transformative Language Arts makes use of many modalities and traditions that emphasize community-building, group process, and social transformation, as well as many types of arts-based, therapeutic, spiritual, pastoral and educational forms of facilitation.  A key inspiration comes from the Quaker form of decision-making and the bioregional tradition of facilitation and consensus-building.  These models are founded on the premise that everyone has an essential piece of our collective wisdom, and by giving voice to each piece, we can better move toward a greater union. Because of the importance of facilitation in many forms of TLA — such as facilitating group workshops, individual coaching, organizational consulting, and our own innate creativity, we offer links to resources and articles on facilitation as a life long art for all Transformative Language Artists.

Recommended Resources on Facilitation

Amherst Writers and Artists Training: Week-long and other training options to learning the Amherst Writers and Artists method of facilitating writing workshops, as developed by Pat Schnieder. www.amherstwriters.com

Drama Therapy Certification: Information on drama therapy certification and graduate programs. nadt.org

Facilitator U: Tools and training for leaders and facilitators. facilitatoru.com

Hollyhock Institute: Facilitation and leadership training for social change. hollyhockleadership.org

International Institute for Facilitation and Consensus: Training and certificate programs, resources and projects, plus electronic magazine, Bonfire. iifac.org

International Association of Facilitators: Trainings, certification programs, conferences, workshops and resources. www.iaf-world.org

Journal to the Self Certification: Home-study, on-line and instructor certification intensive available as are many on-line courses with Kathleen Adams, author of Journal to the Self. www.journaltherapy.com

Mandala Center for Change: Theatre of the Oppressed facilitation training on peace and justice issues, www.mandalaforchange.com/TOfacilitatortraining.htm

National Intensive Journal Program: This program, one of the first of its kind, was developed in the 1950s by Dr. Ira Progoff. Workshops and training options available. www.intensivejournal.org

Poetry Therapy Certification Training: Available through the National Federation for Biblio/Poetry Therapy, this program offers credentialing options for poets/writers, teachers, healthcare professionals and those in community service, as well as for licensed therapists. A guide to the training options is available atwww.NFBPT.com, where you can also access more information, including intensives offered by poetry therapy mentor/supervisors. More informatio on poetry therapy in general can be found at www.poetrytherapy.org.

Playback Theater: The School of Playback Theatre offers comprehensive training for playback theatre, a form of personal improvisational theatre, valuing story, ritual, and community. www.playbackschool.org

Training for Change: Facilitation training for social activists and community groups. www.trainingforchange.org

The Best of Bonfire: Excellent Articles on Facilitation:


Caroline Estes: An excellent article on unity-building decision-making to work in many settings. www.context.org/ICLIB/IC07/Estes.htm

International Association of Facilitators articles:


Secrets of Successful Facilitation: http://www.thiagi.com/article-secrets.html