TLA and Marketing

Marketing your work is essential to letting your community know how you can serve, and marketing can take many forms: putting together a portfolio to present to a group of physicians, designing and distributing brochures for a retreat, creating a website to educate people on your services, sending press releases to local media about a community theatre education project. Because of the vastness of marketing, we recommend sharing our wealth. If you have flyers, proposals, portfolios, brochures, press releases or other materials you would like to upload to this site, please contact us. In designing your own TLA material, we recommend the following:

  • For a regular size postcard, which is a fabulous way to market many projects, you usually have room for the title, your name, date, time and location of the project, plus (on the back or front of the postcard) a phrase or two about this project and your qualifications, plus complete contact information.
  • For an oversized postcard, you usually have room for all the above plus a paragraph on the project, maybe highlighting benefits.
  • For a one-page flyer or poster, you usually have room for what you might put on a postcard, plus some catchy graphics.
  • For a tri-fold brochure, you usually have room for all of the above plus a paragraph on the project, a paragraph on the hosting organization/business/institution, perhaps something on the qualifications of the people behind this work, and perhaps a panel devoted to listing (or bulleting) benefits of this project.
  • For a portfolio, you usually would want to include a prospectus of the project (one-to-two page overview, including benefits, background, and how this work will be assessed), a one-to-two page c.v. or resume for each of the main people involved in leading this project, a brief literature search of pertinent research proving the need for this kind of work, perhaps some samples of past work done in similar projects, perhaps some letters of support from people served and other people of influence. Putting this material together in a professional way, and in a binder or nice folder can enhance the portfolio more.

Designing or Finding Designers for the Graphics of TLA? Consider bartering workshops and retreats, editing or other services you can offer with professional graphic designers, or try your own hand at designing. Many computer programs — such as Microsoft Office, Quark and Abode — have templates various promotional materials, and you can find help on the web or through the help function of a particular program. You can also visit websites such as, which features many lovely templates for postcards of two sizes, brochures, business cards and other marketing materials, which makes designing your own fairly easy (and the prices are fairly low too).

Business Planning

More coming soon! In the meantime, this site has great resources, feel free to check it out.