Sustainable TLA Business Practices

TLA as a profession is something most of us couldn't envision when we were growing up because it simply exist alongside career choices such as doctor, teacher, business owner, artist and the like. Although this is a small profession, we are growing, and there are many kindred souls out there doing similar work with whom you can consult and network when planning your own TLA business, not-for-profit, project, performance or tour. There are also great resources about business planning in general that can be valuable to anyone starting or enhancing a TLA-related way of making a living. To help this process along we have some resources below about business planning and also some things to consider about necessity of balancing and valuing our work

No matter who we are and what we do, we can benefit from putting together living plans, that is, plans that breathe and are open to change as new opportunities open doors for us and old efforts run into closed windows. You can also find related resources that who you options as well as alternatives. Business plans may look like a neatly-honed report, or can be giant maps you draw, a mind map (a self-facilitated form of expansive brainstorming), a collage you create, or even an ongoing planning journal or blog.

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