Power of Words 2006

The Power of Words 2006 Conference

The Power of Words conference, held Oct. 6-9, 2006 at Goddard College, brought together over 80 storytellers, musicians, educators, health professionals, activists, clergy and community leaders at the height of fall foliage. But the leaves weren't the only thing blazing across the sky.

Keynote performances brought down the house, including Gail Rosen's astonishing interwoven stories that comprise, "Choose Hope," which told the story of a Holocaust survivor interspersed with Gail's tales of telling the story in German and the U.S. and finding her own hope. Greg Greenway's concert lifted us up and took us on a musical road trip through songs of personal and social change in Greg's unique blending of gospel, folk, rhythm and blues, and rock. Cheryl Savageau's poetry reading was filled with humor, tenderness, daring and many wake-up moments as she spoke of growing up as a mixed blood Abenaki woman and finding her art and commuity. Laura Secord's well-written "Sanapia's Courage Medicine" told the story of a strong and vibrant medicine woman's life.

The open mic held on the final night of the conference was "simply amazing" as one participant put it. Peter Hocking, our artist-in-residence, both read from his novel in progress that accompanied the magnificent show in the gallery, "Spittin' Image," which explored issues of adoption and identity. See Peter's website, www.clarklane.com. The conference also featured daily talking circles in which all participants shared thoughts and insights in a small group, and free time to explore the woods and gardens. And the conference launched the Transformative Language Arts Network, and drew together more people focused on increasing opportunities for networking and right livelihood through TLA.

Pre- and Post-conference, and conference workshops included:

  • The Interplay of Word and Image –Heidi Darr-Hope

  • Grantwriting and the Power of Storytelling to Fund the Work You Love — Lynn O'Connell

  • Darkness and Dawn: Storytelling in Support of Grieving — Gail Rosen

  • The Art of Caregiving: An Appreciative Inquiry Workshop — Dorothy Lander & John Graham-Pole

  • Mother/Land: Witness, Vision & Transformation — Cheryl Savageau

  • Who Do You Thi nk You Are, and What (in the World) Are you Doing? — Reggie Marra

  • The Care and Feeding of the Artist: Taking Care of Yourself While Making Art, Making a Living & Making Community — Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg

  • Healing Ourselves with Words: Lessons from the Dying — Larry Greer

  • Transformational Revisioning: Moving Toward Full Expression Through Word, Image & Movement — Denie Whalen

  • Strategic Storytelling: The Art and Science of Putting Stories to Work — Jo Tyler

  • Unlocking the Melody — David Warner

  • Bringing People Together: How to Create a Successful Community Arts Program — Katherine Tower

  • Transforming Toxic Feedback: How Writers & Artists Can Survive and Thrive Through the Creative Process — Joni Cole

  • Visualizing Insight: Personal Transformation Through Words and Images– Kris Frykman

  • The Poetry Lab: Helping At-Risk Youth Find Their Voice Using Group Work & Spoken Word Poetry– Mary Tinucci

  • Wisdom Poetry & the Medical Healing Wisdom Tradition — Robert Carroll

  • Stories of Illness, Stories of Health — Chris Fraser

  • Revisioning: Empowering Your Words — Joy Sawyer, Renee Ruderman, Cate Wiley

  • Liberating Mind, Body & Spirit: Exploring the Metaphor of the Labyrinth — Viki Levitt

  • Unmasking Whiteness Through Racial Memory Whiting — Margaret Cronin

  • The Wheel Keeps Turning: Working with Community Bereavement Groups — Laurie Kutchins

  • The Very Act of Moving — Paule Bezaire

  • Making Theatre/Making a Difference — Katt Lissard

  • The Power of Songs, The Language of Music — Greg Greenway