Power of Words 2004

The Power of Words 2004 Conference

The 2004 Power of Words conference was held June 26-28 at Goddard College. The conference also included panels on Right Livelihood, “TLA Forms of Delivery in the Field and Certification Options,” “Troubleshooting: Opening Doors with Compassion and Care”; a meeting to begin developing a TLA association; an open mic; and special opening and closing ceremonies. What most of us may remember, however, are the double rainbows over the campus one late afternoon after we dined alfresco together in the garden. This conference was partially funded by the National Association for Poetry Therapy Foundation, and the United Parcel Service Foundation.

Featured presenters were:

  • Sherry Reiter, Ph.D., pioneer of poetry therapy, and drama therapist presented the workshops “Where I’m From: First Stop on the Poetry Therapy Express” and “Seven Sensational Poems of Transformation” along with the keynote address, “Geography Lessons: Mapping the Poetry Therapy Experience”

  • Juanita Johnson, MA, storyteller, presented the workshop “Maps into the Soul,” and performed “A Tapestry of Life: Stories of Love, Laughter and Tears”

  • Enid Santiago Welch, from the Amherst riters and Artists Institute, presented the AWAI method in her workshop, “Writing with Women of Color”

  • Nancy Morgan, MA-TLA, arts and humanities director of the Lombardi Cancer Institute, presented the workshops “Finding Your Way Home” and “When in Rome: Speaking the Language of Medicine to Make the Case for TLA”

  • Danielle LaFleur Brooks, MA-TLA, MED, presented workshops on “Immerse Yourself in Color: From the Paint Brush to the Pen” and “Reflections: Queer Voices and Your Role as Facilitator”

  • Yvette Hyater-Adams, MA-TLA, and director of Renaissance Muse, presented the workshop “Metaphors, the Erotic and Survival”

  • Kathleen Cecelia Nesbitt, MA-TLA, MFA, presented “A Walk and Write with Nature”