Power of Words 2003

The Power of Words 2003 Conference

The inaugural Power of Words conference was held Aug. 15-17, 2003 at the college. Because of the power outage in much of the northeast, some of our main speakers were unable to attend, but we improvised by opening the doors for many participants to share their skills, stories and approaches. The conference also included an open mic, moving opening and closing ceremonies, wonderful walks through the woods and around campus, and a moonlight swim at a nearby lake for those ready to dive in. The conference was partially funded by a grant from the National Association for Poetry Therapy Foundation. The conference included:

  • Gayle Johnson, MA-TLA, and a well-known grass-roots playwright and actress, presented workshops on “Trust: The Key to Disclosure” and “The Other Side: Self-Revelatory Performances” along with a theatrical performance, “Healing a Community with Voices of the Past.”

  • Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg, Ph.D., CPT, presented “Write from the Earth” and “Write from the Soul: A Poetry Therapy Exploration.”

  • Francis Charet, Ph.D., presented a mini workshops on dreamwork, and also participated in a panel discussion on Right Livelihood and TLA.

  • Many cited the TLA fair, held on a whim, as the highlight of the conference. The fair allowed conference participants to both share and experience others’ writing, storytelling, drama, yoga, and expressive arts exercises and approaches.

  • Over a dozen participants presented short exercises on everything from dreams and writing, to body image and how we use imagery, to even yoga and writing.