Where are TLArtists?

Where is the TLA Network?

Members of the Transformative Language Arts Network can elect to post information about themselves on the map below, sharing their location, community, and area(s) of practice.

While there are many other areas that TLA is taking place, this is a great place to start to get a sense of all the ways language can be lived out transformatively. Click on the figures below to get a taste of some of the activities in which TLAN Members take part.

If you are a TLAN Member and would like to be included in this map, please submit your information here so that it can be posted on Member Pages as well.

NOTE: We are in the process of upgrading our website and membership software. We will not update these old pages while we work on the new ones. Thank you for your patience, and we’ll announce the launch of the new membership software by the end of 2015!

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