1027121422At the heart of TLA is a call for us to share resources and support to enhance our work in our home communities and learn from each other how to do, be, and know TLA.

The Power of Words conference, organized by the TLA Network, brings together writers, storytellers, performers, activists, educations, health professionals, healers, community leaders, cultural creatives, artists and others who resonate with the power of words to transform culture, community and individuals. The conference offers an excellent opportunity to find your people and make vital connections to help you deepen your work and enrich your life.

Online courses by offer the chance to renew your creative spark, encourage your right livelihood (making a living in tune with your life’s purpose) and connect you with a wider community of others engaged in TLA in their lives and communities.

The TLA Resources Page, hosted by Goddard College, includes links to hundreds of sites and bibliographies of thousands of texts related to cre ative and expressive writing; drama therapy and drama; poetry, poetics; poetry therapy; social change; right livelihood; storytelling, education and development; facilitation, leadership and community building; journal writing; literacy, linguistics and language; memoir, life stories and autobiography; psychology, expressive arts and narrative therapy; and spoken word.

The Power of Words: A TLA Reader, the first publication of the TLA Press, offers readers many resources, organizations and inviduals to connect with and learn from in growing TLA in the world.

Please check out our blog and join the TLA Network so you can broaden your horizons and community.

You are encouraged to contact our coordinator if you're looking to make connections with others but unclear as to how or where you might start.  They can help to put you in touch with the people and information you are looking for.