Transforming the Stories of Adolescent Girls — Suzanne Adams

Suzanne Adams, founder of Write to the Center, as well as "It's All About You" workshops for girls offered through Artreach, just had her article  "Transforming the Stories of Adolescent Girls," printed in Radical Psychology (vol. 9, issue 1). Take a look at this wise article that speaks to freeing up all silenced voices, in which she writes,

When women choose to come together in relationship with young girls in a meeting of voices and truths and willingness to speak in anger or conflict, a new paradigm is formed.  It has the potential to squash society’s false directives while encouraging the emergence of a song never performed in full chorus—the resonant sounds of wholeness in women’s relationships, of awareness and validity of women’s thoughts and feelings, of the power of women’s knowing—refusing to be silenced.

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