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This was recently posted in the TLA Resources center as a new page:

Many who ask about how Transformative Language Artists make a living can find a bevy of inspiration in both an interview with TLA founder Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg at, and through these websites of people who have gone through or are going through Goddard's Individualized MA with a concentration in TLA. (Note: "mother or "father" are noted when that is a current main vocation/avocation of the person at the time, so as to honor those whose workdays are focused on parenting.)

  • Suzanne Adams, founder of "All About You" workshops for girls, offered through Artreach, treasurer of TLA Network, Houston, Texas
  • Taina Asili, musician, singer-songwriter, writer and workshop facilitator working with people of color, immigrants and women, New York (upstate)
  • Tiffany Monique Beard, writer, columnist, performer, Washington, DC
  • Anne Bergeron, English teacher at Blue Mountain Union school and yoga teacher, Vermont
  • Patricia Boissevain, writer, expressive writing and arts wowrkshop facilitator, artist, Maine
  • Sharon Bray, founder of Wellspring Writers, author, teacher and facilitator, San Diego, California
  • Jennifer Cross, writer and performer, workshops focusing on reclaiming the erotic, embodiment through writing, and healing, membership vice president of TLA Network, San Francisco
  • Cyndi Crisel, in addition to pursuing her doctorate in Transformative Studies at the California Institute of Integrated Studies, is Student Support Specialist at Arkansas State University.
  • Carol D'Agostino, geriatrics addictions program director, Rochester, NY
  • Heather Davis, Development Director of The Telling Room, writer and workshop facilitator, mother, Maine
  • Minna Dubin, writer, and teaching artist at WriterCorprs, San Francisco
  • Suzanne Ehst, Assistant Professor of Education at Goshen University, Maine
  • Favor Ellis, director of SMYRC (Sexual Minority Youth Resource Center), writer, Portland, OR
  • Benb Gallaher, blogger of Good Ideas on Paper, father, Brunswick, Maine
  • Becci Goodall, author and writer (speculative fiction), Florida
  • Patricia Fontaine, writing workshops, writer, author and activist, Shelburne, Vermont
  • Deborah Hensley, singing, performing, voice recovery workshops for K-adult, continuing education, and recordings, Maine
  • Julie Johnson, workshops and development of program to work with batterers and abusers, Michigan
  • Andrea Kleinhenz, writer, Cleveland, Ohio
  • Amanda Lacson, currently developing workshops for girls on mythology and TLA, New York City
  • Yvette Hyater-Adams, professional and life coach, workshops and more, NJ & Florida
  • Gayle Johnson, theatre in Door County and Washington Island area of Wisconsin
  • Vanita Leatherwood, founder of Living Well Transformative Arts, offering workshops and retreats, and works at NAMI, Baltimore, Maryland
  • Danielle LaFleur-Brooks, adjunct at Champlain University, writer of medical language books, and mother
  • Heather Mandell, writer and facilitator, storyteller and tutor, San Lorenzo, California
  • Carolyn Miller, founder of The Great Game of Story, writer and consultant, Lakewood, Colorado
  • Nancy Morgan, Arts and Humanities Director, George Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center
  • Kathleen (Kitty) Nesbitt, founder of Writing Across the River, and facilitator of workshops for vets and other populations, Chicago
  • Rhonda Patiza, photographer with numerous photos in The Sun, writer with articles in Trivia and mother, Voices, Pella, Iowa
  • Stacey (or Anastasia) Pricco (Ginsburg in program), host of many blogs (Power of Story, and more) including latest on birthing stories, and preparing to have a birth story of her own, Boulder, Colorado
  • Clarissa Rogers, writer, activist, and program coordinator of the A Space (Anarchist Community Center), Philadelphia
  • Stephanie Sandmeyer, founder of Kairos Narrative Facilitation, offering audio portraits, workshops, archiving, memoir and biography consulting, and bellydancer, Portland, Oregon
  • Lynn Shattuck, writer and grief counselor, mother, Portland, Maine
  • Gillian Sinclair (Gordon in program), founder of Hypnosis for Transformation center
  • Anne Smith, founder of One Little Window, selling vintage patterns for sewing and knitting, blogger, and new mom, Maine
  • Brian Sunset (Moore in program), founder of Cascadia Arts Center, healing self, community and nature through expressive arts, Eugene, Oregon
  • Debra Thornley, director of Transformational Writing Center, workshop facilitator and writer, new grandmother, Tucson, Arizona
  • Emily Van Strien, actress in Portland Playback Theatre, writer and documentary-maker, Portland, Maine
  • Jame Vincent, adjunct faculty, Antioch West, focusing on interdisciplinary language, and writer
  • Scott Youmans, community and men's writing workshops, writer, Philadelphia
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