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Scott Youmans' new blog, This Energetic Man, is a marvel of a website when it comes to great writing prompts, inspiration, vision and replenishment. As Youmans describes his site, "This Energetic Man is a space on the Interweb to share my work and insight as a Transformative Language Artist. My work involves writing and the use of poetry, literature and myth to provide experiential workshops that help expand and affirm our humanity. The insight I offer, imperfect as it may be, arises from my work and continued interest in personal growth, spirituality and anti-oppression work."

His recent entry, "A Lesson from Love Dogs: How Can Language Be Transformative?" not only tells a story and answers that question about language, but it leaves the reader with a gem of a writing exercise:

Write about a time you held on too strongly to something—a rule, a way of being, an idea—and later realized that had you only let go, things would have gone differently, perhaps even better. How did you feel when you were holding on? How did you feel after your realization?
Write about a time something hidden in you was revealed to you. I don’t mean a secret you were hiding from someone else, but a secret that your body, your unconscious, was hiding from you that became visible when just the right light was shown upon it. How was it revealed to you? What changed in you after this revelation?

Other entries, such as the "Tiny Boxes Prompt," offer ways for us to break out of the boxes we are put in or put ourselves in. Check out this site for a better sense of what you have to say to yourself and to the world.

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