The Poetry of Well Being


TLAN Member Jan Stanley is leading an effort to cull together the best poems for the support of a positive psychology.  Jan recently completed her Masters of Applied Positive Psychology degree at the University of Pennsylvania, and is now inviting TLA folk to send her their poems of "Well Being."  For more information, see below and/or the project blog guidelines for submission. 



Positive psychology is the study of what goes right in life, or the study of how and why people flourish.  Since positive psychology was founded by Martin Seligman in 2000, it continues to expand as more people in various disciplines seek to apply flourishing concepts and theories.  One such arena is an emerging discipline of positive humanities. 

One of the initial projects in positive humanities is the creation of a poetry anthology, The Poetry of Well Being.  Poetry of well being depicts what’s best about the human experience and evokes the best within us as receivers of the poems, allowing us, as readers, to grow and transform.  In this project, we are looking for poetry that can transform the reader, not for the ways in which writing poetry can be transformational.

Poetry of well being highlights positive emotions, positive relationships, meaning and a sense of accomplishment which all contribute to crafting a life of well being.  We see this anthology being available to a mass market audience.

We would like your help in identifying poems of well being.  We are not looking for original work, we are looking for the poem or poems that you feel best evoke human flourishing in a transformational way.  Of course, should your poem(s) be selected, you will be credited for having submitted it and offered an opportunity to write a brief note on why you selected that particular poem for inclusion in the book.

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