Check Out “A Wing and a Page”

For more on the writing life, visit A Wing and a Page, a blog put out by a group of writers in Lawrence, Kansas, including novelist Lucia Orth, free-lance writer Susan Kraus, travel writer Beth Reiber, poets and writers Denise Low and Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg, author Pam Grout, writer and web developer Mary Howe, and blogger Mary Margaret Simpson. The women write about everything from J.D. Salinger, the courage of Miep Gies, and various book reviews to blogs on publishing, the lows and highs of the writing life and how to keep on keeping on. Between this group of authors, they have over 50 books published and have endured stacks of rejection slips as well as enchanted little triumphs along the way. Visit and share your ideas and ponderings about the writing life.

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