How May I Direct Your Call

How May I Direct Your Call?: Deborah Harris

How may I direct your call?

Direct me to someone
who will listen
with silent attentiveness.

Direct me to someone
who will treat me
with dignity and respect,
to someone
for whom I’m not
just a trifling detail
of the day.

Direct me to a power,
a source,
a spirit,
a way of knowing
that deepens my understanding
of myself
and the universe.

Direct me to knowledge
that allows me
to improve myself
and the world.

Direct me to peace
to peace
to peace.

Direct me to contentment
with all that is good
and patience
with that which must change.
Direct me; I’m calling.

Please, direct me.

Debbie Harris is a graduate of Goddard's  Transformative Language ArtsMaster's program. She is an adjunct English  instructor at Hartnell CommunityCollege in Salinas, California. Her focus is on  English language development forunderserved populations.

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