Doctor, Heal Thyself

Doctor, Heal Thyself

Along with the reminders for doctor appointments, meetings, and family events I’ve begun placing special stickers on my family calendar. These stickers are reminders to spend some time taking care of myself. It could be as simple as sitting quietly with a cup of tea, reading a book I really love, or, if my life has been particularly harried, sitting down with my journal.

Keeping a journal can help you identify the patterns in your life and your business. It can heal old wounds and help you find your way through rough times. Most importantly, it can help you know yourself. In knowing yourself you are in the best position possible to serve others.

In her book, Journal to the Self, Kathleen Adams introduces several journal keeping techniques to help writers get the most from their efforts. I have found the method that works best for me and I invite any of you who keep a journal to write in about what works best for you.

Additionally, Kathleen will be hosting a free teleclass May 8, 2008 on memoir writing If you’re interested in writing about yourself or your family, check it out!

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